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Mark Huband has a selection of poems in "Stroud Poets 3" and he has built on these with a pamphlet themed around the rediscovery of a long-lost childhood friendship. His are honest and clear-sighted poems, finely expressed with delicacy and subtlety. Mark has enjoyed a succesful career as a foreign correspondent and journalist and the same skills which served him so well in those fields serve him equally well in these more personal works.

Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5

Mark's website is accessible here.

"The simple grey and black cover of this book –texture perhaps taken from a tree or wall, with a white crack or line separating author's name and book title – is in many ways apt for what the reader find inside: a collection of beguiling, uneasy poems that probe ideas of love, politics and human experience."
Rupert Loydell, Stride magazine.

Read the full review by Rupert Loydell in Stride which can be found on line here.

There is also a fine piece on Maria and on this book by David Clarke on his blog, A Thing for Poetry.

Perfect bound book, 52 pages, £10

Pete Hoida is a painter who has lived and worked in Stroud for many years. His paintings are often large, and always distinctive and compelling. They continue to develop. Pete Hoida has established a career as an abstract artist committed to the modernist tradition. He was a ‘little magazine’ and ‘slim volume’ poet of the sixties and seventies. His translations of poems by Blaise Cendrars were published in the Penguin Modern European Poets series. Though he has written poems over several decades, and read in venues throughout Britain and Europe, this is Pete's first ever reading in Stroud.

"The Decline of Heavy Industry", from Yew Tree Press, marks Pete Hoida's return to verse in a pamphlet-length selection of poems significant for their fresh-eyed modernism.

Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5

Pete's website is accessible here.

Our new set of six "Stroud Poets" will feature writers from a wide varety of backgrounds. Uta Baldauf and James Dick have a wide range of interests but have been seen recently in Stroud and further afield fronting avant-garde rock bands. Caroline Shaw's poetry has a similar, feisty honesty as she addresses relationships and spirituality.

Allan Peacey writes of his life in Stroud, where he was born and bred, while Tonia Maddision brings an artist's eye to her writing. Tim Wilson's poetry has a firm grasp of language and structure and succeeds in using language to hint at what what can't be easily expressed in words.

There is a fine range of excellent work in these two new pamphlets.

Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5
Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5 Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5 Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5
The Decline of Heavy Industry. Poems by Pete Hoida. A return to fresh-eyed modernism from Pete Hoida, abstract artist, translator and poet. £5
Book cover
Surgery by Jay Ramsay. Surgery is more than a verse diary composed during two serious spells in hospital: it is an honest and sometimes brutal confrontation with mortality, with what it means to die and more importantly what it means to be alive. Jay Ramsay’s lines combine a necessary spontaneity with many years of poetic practice, so that the poems express a personal objectivity in the natural rhythms of heightened speech. £5.

A Short Story about War. Poems by Maria Butunoi, with photographs by John Stadnicki. Moving and energetic poems about exile and relationships. £10.

Fetching Rugs for Claude Debussy. Four longish poems by Philip Rush. Includes 'Brébis', a prize-winner in the Ledbury Festival poetry competition. £3
Indian Eye. Poems by Richard Vick, illustrated by Gipsy. Richard revisits India after a gap of many years. £5

Watermarks. A journey down the Sorgue, the French river, in Petrarchan sonnets by Philip Rush and in photographs Fred Chance. £3.


Madhyakama. Spiritual reflections by John Nicol. Personal, honest and evocative poems. £3.
Only the Flame Remains. Poems by Adam Horovitz. Poems from Adam's residency at the Museum in the Park during the Laurie Lee centenary celebrations. Extremely accomplished work. £4.50.
Punk. Poems by Philip Rush. A sequence of poems celebrating St Francis of Assisi, punk rocker. £3.

Notes for the Tree Museum. Artwork, photographs and poems by Philip Rush. A set of tea cards, a book to glue them into and a few tea leaves for old times' sake. £10.

A renga written for the Arboreality exhibition curated by the Walking the Land collective at Westonbirt Arboretum.

A limited edition. SOLD OUT.

Big Purple Garden Paintings. Poems by Philip Rush. All the poems in this book have been published elsewhere, in magazines and anthologies, but are collected here for the first time. £9.99

"Philip Rush has a way with him that is somehow elegant and easy to relate to. His poems are pervaded by a lightness of touch and a humorous take on life."
Genista Lewes Stride

"Shapely, sharply written and tantalising. A most enviable lightness of touch."
Kevin Crossley-Holland

How to Listen to Classical Music by Philip Rush. £9.99. A series of short lyrics which connive in telling a story.

"In How to Listen to Classical Music, Philip Rush presents - through over twenty brilliant little facets reflecting the relationship between a model and a painter - links between the visual arts, music and poetry."
Anne Cluysenaar, Scintilla.

"So, this afternoon I sat outside and read your disguised novel and wondered when the artist and model would fall in love and what then would happen. So, at that level, your novel is the beloved page-turner. 'One night as the big stars' makes me think of Van Gogh's huge blazers but I anticipated your last chapter wouldn't have them living happily ever after and that – for the time being at least – she wouldn't commit. However, you hint that whatever it was – love of music love of the artist – might yet rouse up. And God only knows what she'd do without him."
Jeff Cloves

I-Spy Stroud is an artbook with text by Philip Rush and drawings by Nadine James. Ideal for children and their parents. £6

"Philip Rush's "whimsical walk round Stroud through the pages of a tiny book is bound to raise a laugh.

Philip Rush and illustrator Nadine Faye James have published just 250 copies of I-Spy Stroud, a faithful homage to the Michelin I-Spy books of the 1950s and 60s.

Gently poking fun at the town and its people, it invites readers to look again at what makes the town what it is." Stroud Life

"I think it would be inappropriate for me to comment." Aidan James, critic.

It's the book which everyone in Stroud is talking about.

A limited edition.

Milestones is a collaborative poem by Dennis Gould, Anna-Mai Aberdein, Helena Petre, Jeff Cloves and Philip Rush. It pays tribute to Miles Davis' late fifties jazz track while addressing the nature of memory and improvisation.

The sequence takes a quatrain by Antonio Machado as its key and then improvises around the mood and images suggested there.

"I loved reading Milestones: a fascinating way of constructing a poem, and in this instance a very successful one. Exemplary small-scale publishing and a pleasure to hold and read."

A limited edition. Dennis has the last copies on his High Street stall, Saturdays.